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Bella Santoni is a 17-year old performer, technician, and writer living in Phoenix, Arizona.

She is a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan but loves the community of theatre in Phoenix. She spends most of her time with Paradise Valley Thespian Company Troupe #1146, where she served as the Captain Thespian and Vice President. 

Bella has competed extensively with Arizona Thespians, earning Superior Rankings in Monologue Delivery, Duo Musical, and Stage Management at the Regional Level. She also competed in Tech Challenge, a team event that measures proficiency in technical skills such as light hanging, knot tying, quick changes, props changeover, and drop cloth folding. Bella and her team placed Runner-Up at the State Level in both 2018 and 2019.

Bella's Board Photo for VP

Bella's officer photo as Vice President, complete with the signature VP tutu.

Bella at Thespian Leadership Camp 2018

Bella at Thespian Leadership Camp in 2018, a retreat for troupe leaders that teaches how to successfully run, market, and communicate within their troupe.

Tech Team for Thespian State Festival 2019

Bella with her Tech Team, the "Phi Chi Samurais" at Arizona State Festival in 2019.

Outside of the theater, Bella volunteers at a local animal shelter and is a rock climber with AZR Ascenders. She is also a virology research intern with Varsani Labs currently investigating viral evolution through glacial records.


For more information about Bella's scientific pursuits, click here

Climbing Competition
Rosy sees snow!

At home, Bella enjoys spending time with her family, including her two dogs, Rosy and Ember; her fish, Crouton; and her houseplants, Henrietta, Augusta, Iggy, Freyja, Bungee, Diglett, Oz, and ZZ Pot.

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